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Charities & Organisations supported 2017/18

 Every single penny  of the money that you kindly donated this year , went  to these local and international charities (without any deductions  - because we are all volunteers!) 

From: Supporter Care Team
Sent: 04 June 2018 11:47
To: Addiscombe and Shirley Rotary Club
Subject: Thank You from ShelterBox

Dear  Rotary Club,

A sturdy green ShelterBox. Hardwearing tools and equipment. The practical basics a family needs in the aftermath of disaster or conflict.

It’s astonishing what your generous donation of £590.00 can provide.

Crucially, by fundraising for ShelterBox, you’ve allowed us to hand-deliver more than just simple items – together you’ve given vulnerable families around the world the power to transform despair into hope. More than solar lights, thermal blankets and cooking utensils –you’ve helped entire communities in desperate need begin the process of rebuilding not just their homes, but their lives too.

Right now, that means assessing the needs of families made homeless in Kenya after an unusually severe monsoon season caused heavy flooding. It means supporting nomadic families in Somaliland with a variety of aid items such as tents, tarpaulins and rope, after the continuing drought has left entire communities displaced and destitute. And it means providing aid to families caught in extreme conflict zones including the Syrian conflict and the Lake Chad Basin crisis, whose homes have been left in tatters by bombing and fighting.

If you haven’t already, why not tune in to watch ShelterBox live on Facebook? A member of the Operations Team will brief you on these disasters and all our other current deployments. There’s time too for your questions – so you can post a comment on behalf of yourself or your Rotary Club and we’ll answer it there and then if we can! Watch live on Tuesdays at 2:30pm, or catch up at any time on our Facebook page:

Please pass on our thanks to everyone The Rotary Club of Addiscombe & Shirley for your amazing continued support. Your generosity means we can keep doing what we do best. We’re determined, and we won’t stop. Day after day, we’ll keep hammering pegs, tying knots and building shelter.

From all of us here at HQ, thank you for supporting ShelterBox.

With warm wishes,
Kerry Atkins
A Big thanks to one of our Honorary members (Rangesh) who donated this lovely wheelchair which has been put to good use by Shirley Neighbourhood Care (SNC).

In this  picture we can see our member Chris Rutter who helps SNC  by  taking people out on much-needed shopping trips.
Thanks significantly to Rotary around the World, the devastating disease POLIO  has almost been eradicated - NOW we need to keep it away!!